Irene pre-postulante in Camerun

Irene comes from the diocese of Pala, in Tchad, and belongs to the parish of Koupour. She joined our Congregation on 6th November 2022. She had a one month experience in our dispensary in Yaoundé. She tells us …

Hi, I am Irene, a pre-postulant who belongs to the province of Cameroon. I would like to share with you the deep experience which I lived during my service at our dispensary in Yaoundé.

During my collaboration in the activities of the dispensary I experienced many events which helped me to understand the problems and the sufferings of the people. Every day I bring them in my prayers. When I see the patients and their resistance and their patience … I feel we are all unique. I can say that this has been a meaningful, wonderful experience for me. Words are not sufficient to express all my gratitude for what I have lived and for the sisters who were close to me.

Il dispensario di Yaoundé

The dispensary of Yaoundé

When I started this experience, I was shy and fearful. Then I remembered Giuseppina Rodolfi, she was shy too, but she was able to go beyond herself. Pushed by this thought, while going to the clinic I felt a voice inside me telling: “be courageous because God is always with you, in the moments of joy and in the moments of sorrow”. These words were giving me the strength and the courage to do what was asked of me. Slowly something inside me was changing: I opened my eyes and now I see things in a different way. Today I am very happy of having had this opportunity of this experience which thought me a lot for my life.

Irene, Province of Cameroon


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