Prophetic communities that announce the Gospel in the peripheries of the world

Journeying with apostolic courage along the ever-new paths of the mission


Prega per noi

Pray for us

Holy Spirit,
Spirit of the Risen Lord,
You who make of us but one family,
unite our voices to that of Jesus,
raised to the Father
as we prepare for
the XI General Chapter.
Help us discern the places,
situations and persons
to which the Father
calls us and sends us,
those peripheries
where we can meet Jesus,
whom we want to follow and love,
serve and proclaim.

Lord Jesus,
You who identify yourself
with the little ones,
the needy, the last, the discarded,
and go to meet everyone
proclaiming the Kingdom,
renew in us the enthusiasm
of the first call,
that has united us
together around You
to build together prophetic communities,
that bring everywhere the light
of your presence and of your Word,
welcomed and lived
in the common missionary passion
and in the desire for holiness.

Loving Father,
Whose face is reflected
in that of Jesus,
draw us to You, our life
and common goal,
all of us and each person
whom you entrust to us in time.

Mary Immaculate,
Queen of the Apostles
sustain our steps in following
and proclaiming Jesus,
your son and our Master and Lord.


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The sun rising from on high, the road paths that cross the world globe and the central road path

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