Two women meet. Two generations greet each other. Elizabeth, in her old age, and Mary, a promised spouse young virgin from a small village in Galilee. Two worlds, the center and the peripheries, welcome each other. On the one side, the cultural-religious environment of Judea linked to the temple of Jerusalem, and, on the other side, the rural harmony of Galilee, with its community domestic religiosity. Two wombs encounter and Life leaps within them. Two different expectations, two completely different life experiences, enhanced by the surprising Grace of God, find themselves in a profound understanding, in which one is sign and confirmation of the other’s journey.
And the surprise bursts into a great blessing, which we still repeat today, making young Mary aware of her received announcement, her whispered willingness, had really given birth to the impossible.

The mission embraced by the MSI in the world has Elizabeth’s face, her reconciled past and her years full of wisdom, as well as Mary’s need of confirmation, her confident steps and her expectation. Both generations of MSI are a good land fertilized by the Word of God, by people’s cultures, and at the same time, they are seeds which have been sown with a broad and majestic gesture, in the distant geographical and existential borders of the world. . When they meet, at home or in mission, their wombs leap, full of experiences lived in different cultures, ecclesial styles, social and religious spheres, because they perceive, in happy exultation, that God is present and he walks in the history of each person, from generation to generation.

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