Looking back at my whole life, the first feeling is gratitude: I just think of God and thank Him with my whole heart for the gift of my loving parents, brothers and sisters, for their love and spiritual support from my birth to up to now, which keeps my heart burning for my Lord and master. It was through my parent’s faith and love for the Lord that has been implanted in me an especial love for Jesus and the desire to continue His Mission fruitfully in my life journey. I remember among my first childhood memories one day in which all of us went for the Holy Eucharistic celebration in one family’s house. Since I was too small, I was finding it difficult to walk, so it was my Father who carried me on his shoulders to reach in time for Holy Mass. Whenever he goes for work he is used to bowing his head in front of a small altar we had at home. My mother also is a woman of faith, prayer, and a true lover of Jesus. In my family, we are seven children and I am the fifth one. My parents are the first catechism teachers for us.


When I was doing grade 7th, during catechism class I was inspired to become a Religious sister as I heard the life story of Mother Theresa and St. Theresa of child Jesus. From that time onwards the desire within me started to develop and I had an especial love for poor and suffering humanity. My best prayer was Assurance of God’s protection Psalm 91 today I feel the most beautiful prayer in my life as a missionary. I entered our congregation in the year 1997 month of June 4th through Sr. Jeya Soosai my vocation promoter. When I look back my formation journey I only count on God’s blessings upon me and gratefully remember all the persons who played a vital role in my life especially all my formators.


One of the incidents that made me be convinced of my vocation is, when I was second-year novice just before I make my first profession, I was disturbed to go home. Many questions in me if I become religious I have to be detached from my parents, place and things etc.  So I was really disturbed and confused. The other side I never gave up my prayer, especially during adoration I was trying to get an answer from the Eucharistic Lord, as Blessed Manna says one hour of Adoration will solve all our problems. It was true in my life too, as I knelt in front of the Eucharistic Lord for a long time, praying to him with tears that he may show me the way. While I was praying I got lost myself and I had like vision. Where I could see the sunshine but the day is going to end, everywhere calm and peaceful, there was endless water and I see myself sailing in the boat only me and the operator. Then suddenly I opened my eyes then I realized that I am kneeling in front of Blessed Sacrament. Immediately the Lord spoke to me through Bible that is “Today salvation has come to this house” (Lk, 19; 9).  And “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me” (Jn 14; 1).  Yes, I believed in His powerful words and was fully convinced of my vocation. In the year 2001 June 23rd I made my first profession along with my companions.

sr. Rose Mary Arlandu, PNG


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