The vigil of the Solemnity of the Nativity of our Blessed Mother of the year 2022, had been a remarkable day in the life of the MSI of the Indian Organisms. As  on this day during the vigil prayer, Novices: Grace Haorei, Theresa Akunuri and Lavanya Dundi received the religious dress through the hands of their respective Province Leader/s. A reminder that through this very religious garment they are set apart from the world. A call for a specific lifestyle of asceticism, commitment, holiness and above all a life of total renunciation in order to give witness to Christ, who is obedient, chaste and poor.

We the MSIs are celebrating! We celebrate and thank God because He continues to call courageous women to follow Jesus unconditionally. Sr. Grace Haorei, Sr. Theresa Akunuri and Sr. Lavanya Dundi’s Yes! Pronounced as a commitment, after reflection and with joy, gives us the reason to be hopeful. Thank you, Dear Newly Professed Sisters! for your generosity in answering Gods call. Today is all about your YES. We encourage you into a holy perseverance, by following the footsteps of our founders, Mother Giuseppina Dones and Mother Giuseppina Rodolfi, with Blessed Paola Manna- the Inspirer and Msgr. Lorenzo Maria Balconi- the Co-Founder, filled with the Charism, “Living Passion to proclaim the Kingdom of God to all peoples.”

They chose the Vow of filial obedience not because there is no choice of their own to make decision. But because they are convinced that there is joy in obeying, there is strength in doing things with others. They  chose the Vow of Poverty, not because they wish to be miserable and destitute and hungry; without roof over their head or cloths … they chose because it frees them to be ready to drop everything and to go anywhere in order to be of service. They chose the vow of  chastity not because they do not want to get married, they chose  it freely  because they wish to be available not just for few but to the entire humanity.

We appreciate your courage and wish you a blessed and gracious journey in the exclusively Religious Missionary Institute.

Sr. Helen Catherine


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