We are here to reflect upon the commitment that we had made and lived until today

Forty-one of us from four organisms of India marking the diamond, golden and silver Jubilee of our first profession are at Vimala Niketan, Siliguri to colour the significant milestone that need to be celebrated. At this point, what else could we say than to articulate it in the way we put in the title- “celebration of God’s fidelity”. We are here to reflect upon the commitment that we had made and lived until today. At this moment, a series of questions scroll in our minds as we introspect the journey of 60, 50 and 25 years:

-How and why did we make the commitment?

-Have our reasons changed and our motives matured?

-Do we perceive things differently perhaps more distinctively than initial years? 

-Why did we maintain our commitments, what struggles did we face, who assisted us along the way?

– Perhaps more importantly how did the Grace of God sustain us in perseverance? 

Navigating through these questions, the road map we travelled, becomes clear to us. 

Thanks to all types of journeys, we made. They were gracious, tedious, challenging and even facing the dead end. Thanks also to various road-signs that affirmed, enlivened and enriched our journey. Thanks to the persons who kept accompanying us and the beneficiaries, who kept encouraging us. 

And what more can we say? We can only say “Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness to us throughout these years. Help us to continue our journey until the end in your faithfulness. 

Join us during this opportune moment, while we ruminate with astonishment the sacredness of the past to thank God, the definitive Author who remains faithful to us forever and ever. 

  Jubilarians 2024

Vimala Niketan, Siliguri


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