We started our Young missionary group on 14th November 2014. We asked the then postulants to gather the kids of  our Parish on the occasion of children’s day. For our surprise they gathered as many as 30 children. On that day, we helped them to enact the stories from the BIBLE, taught them few action songs, and conducted some games.  Children were interested and slowly were habituated to attend the gathering.


We prepared a project for them and animated them towards missions and missionaries. We also explained to them the World mission rosary. Whenever missionaries came home, they shared with them their experiences. We encouraged them to pray for the specific mission that they were given.


They form the active part of the Church specially in the month of October. They also help us to conduct the way of the cross during the season of Lent. They save their money and help the poor. They are active members to pray the missionary rosary along with us in different families.


The formation of this group took almost two years and on 03.01.2016 we had missionary mandate during which they became our permanent members. Today, they are no more infant, they are grown up and yet they wish to continue the activity of reaching out to the mission. We call them as YOUNG MISSIONARIES.

Nirmala Jyoti Niwas, – Siliguri



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