noviziato internazionale

The request done by the XI General Chapter to start an International Novitiate had its own advantage of offering the young women the possibility of growing in the sense of belonging to a single missionary family, for having a quality formation through a well prepared international team and to live internationality and interculurality right from the initial stage.

The international novitiate was erected on October 18, 2021 during the Intercapitular Assembly which was held online from 10 to 23 October. Two years after the inauguration, there are five novices in formation, four Papuans and one from Italy. Three of them are in their second year and are in different communties during these months for their apostolic experience of the apostolate in one of our missions, two of them are in their first year of novitiate. All participate in the inter-congregational school of novitiate of Castelli Romani (SIC), where they share the formative journey with other young women coming from different parts of the world and have done various experiences in the apostolate.

Two years after the beginning of the International Novitiate, the General Direction has also organized a formation course for the sisters in charge of the pre-novitiates, with the aim of presenting the formation program of the International Novitiate and organizing the preparation of the future novices who will find themselves doing this challenging and very rich experience at the same time.

We asked them to tell us about the rich experience they are having, a school of communion and religious life that marks their journey. These are their stories….


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