I am at Shek Lei community in Hong Kong now, almost for five years, which is within the campus of Pope Paul VI College for women, but the rhythm of the study of the students continues to astonish me.

During the exams the girls are very worried and study until late at night. The competitive environment in which they grow pushes them to be always the best, making them difficult to accept themselves serenely and to give themselves for others. Then, in most of the desperate cases this tension also leads them to commit suicide, or they go “out of their mind” with irrecoverable consequences for the future.

Without exaggerating, we questioned ourselves as sisters and teachers, how can we, together encounter, accompany, and take care of these young persons, without excluding anyone… and here then, we have the idea of organizing more relaxed moments for them, where they can be together as friends.

One fine afternoon on Tuesday in October, we organized a moment of simple prayer for the Catholic girls followed by fellowship meal with Italian, Indian and Chinese specialties.

Moreover, before the final examination of form 6 for admission to the university, we thought of organizing a moment of prayer guided by the songs of Taizè for the girls who were interested. A “Spiritual Place” of encounter for Catholics and non-Catholics where one can offer one’s “burden” to someone who loves them unconditionally.

Other activities are being planned with the hope that these small signs will help us to see a beyond that sets us free.

Sr. Lorena Brambilla – Hong Kong


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