Welcome to the new section entitled “Education and Mission.” In his writings, Msgr Lorenzo Maria Balconi- the Co-founder of our Institute says, “God entrusts to parents to take care of the child, of which they will have to give an account to God… The sisters then, who, whether in the homeland or in the missions, are entrusted with the care of the children must remember that they will be asked the same account which the Lord would ask the relatives” (What I have I give you pg. 222). Keeping in mind the above quote, Sr. Aruna Mallavarapu, in this column will enlighten us on our responsibility as educators, the lifelong impact that we create on students and the world beyond education. 

Education as missionEducation as mission-challenge & counter-challenge

Education is a lifelong process of transmission of both instilling and imbibing of knowledge, values and ethics to be a true child of God. Jesus, the Apostle of the Father the Sower and the Seed was educated on Father’s will and love, and that became the focal point of His mission.  Inspired by our Charism with a living passion to proclaim God’s Kingdom to all, we as educators continue the mission of Jesus to form young minds to live a life of harmony with the entire cosmos. Our mission as educators is to inspire students, parents and their families to be responsible heirs of God’s Kingdom. Jesus-teacher par excellence who taught in parables with cultural contexts through symbols and events, becomes the source and summit for my mission as a teacher.

To me, it is education apostolate is something through which I can radiate the joy of Christ and this is my deepest satisfaction. The moment I am able to look at my students smiling, the moment I am able to sense their difficulty in grasping the subject, the moment I am able to lighten their burden of study, the moment I am able to help them to stand tall in the class and in the society- I feel the fulfilment of the mission to which I am called and destined. In the following paragraph, let us look at why these simple moments of smile, of teaching, of understanding become challenging. With my few years’ experience in the education ministry in different places, I try to make an attempt to justify my title.

Education as ChallengeEducation as mission-challenge & counter-challenge

The greatest challenge that I face with education as mission is to set an example each day in instilling in the students, teachers and parents the values of truth, love and service – the motto of our school. Obviously, it becomes a laborious challenge because there is no alignment between the values imparted by the school and the values practised in the society.

Secondly, helping teachers, students and parents to believe that every individual is unique and precious isn’t a feasible job. Comparison between individuals is a big blow. Habitually, parents-teachers compare one child to the other. Comparisons impact individuals’ self-esteem and confidence. Motivating parents and teachers to abstain from comparisons is the biggest challenge.

Thirdly, I come across students, who are victims not of stress but of modern mania-lack of purpose in life. Various factors lead them to lose interest in life. For example, some students do not find relevance and meaning of education as they feel whether they work hard or not, the ultimate result would be the same due to societal challenges. Another reason is they cannot connect their learning to practical life, to their passions and interests or future aspirations.

Last but not the least, the gigantic challenge in education is the modern era of technology that impacts both learners and teachers as well. Technology has distracted students and so it becomes the duty of the school to ensure responsible and ethical use of technology, to teach balancing screen time, to promote right digital citizenship, to create awareness about cyber safety.  

Education as Counter-Challengeeducation as mission

Life speaks louder than words; setting an example of values goes beyond words. This demands from me each day genuine commitment to consistently demonstrate and imbibe positive values like honesty, respect, fairness, open-mindedness, compassion, empathy, integrity, responsibility and perseverance in my behaviour, actions and interactions with my students. By embodying these values in my everyday interactions, I can  inspire and guide them to develop their own strong moral compass and uphold similar values in their lives. It was not easy as not everyone, is convinced of living out the values. That is the reason, blending of cultural values and the Gospel values become the absolute necessity of the hour. Going to the roots of local culture and tradition and integrating them into the present scenario helped me in living out the value-based life.

I strongly believe that every individual is unique, so treat with respect every person, irrespective of their mindset, culture and background.  Encourage a respectful and healthy atmosphere where everyone feels valued and heard. On the basis of my experience, it really had a powerful positive effect. Positive comparisons boost self-esteem and motivate them to improve themselves, and this tremendous change we can witness as we observe them growing day by day in our campus. Side by side, our teaching must create an opportunity for them to examine what actually matters to them and how they can make that relevant and purposeful to life. Classroom life for a student must be a journey towards setting purposeful goals and achieving them. Technology, on the other hand, must be a modern equipment that can help them to soar to the highest height.

Education must be viewed as a next great mission field. If done well, we can equip young minds with viable skills which will allow them not only to support their families but also to accomplish the work of the Kingdom.  

Sr. Aruna Mallavarapu, Delhi


Sr. Aruna MallavarapuSr. Aruna Mallavarapu hails from Nizamabad, a popular district in the State of Telangana. She joined our Institute in the year 1990 and made her first Profession in 1996. Since 1998, Sr. Aruna has been working in the education ministry in different schools and from 2017, has been serving Nirmala Convent Senior Secondary School, Ratlam (NCSSSR). NCSSSR, is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). According to the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020s recommendations, the school is gearing up for a transition to the New Pedagogical System (NPS). NEP 2020 calls NCSSSR to focus on creativity and critical thinking, human and constitutional values which will enable every student to imbibe the Gospel values of love, truth and  service – the motto of the School.


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