How do you see your journey of 25 years?

The group was given a paper with two photos and a question. The first photo was taken 25 years back on their First profession day which was held on 16 July 1995, at Amalapuram and the second photo was taken on 9 November 2019, the day they begun their preparations at Nirmala Niketan, Vijayawada. The question they were to reflect was: How do you see your Journey of 25 years?

 Sr. Cicilia Toppo: At this juncture despite my unfaithfulness, along with Pope Francis I say; I look to the past with GRATITUDE, live the present with PASSION and embrace the future with HOPE.

Sr. Sindu Jose: The tiny banyan sapling that was planted 25 years ago, has grown into a robust tree, through various experiences. This tree gave me shelter in KNOWING GOD AND SELF.

Sr. Treasa Simon: During these 25 years of my religious life, The LORD like a POTTER had been moulding my life through different events and experiences of life.

Sr. Geeta Manuel: Of these 25 years, I have nothing to boast of my commitment to God but to boast of His Magnanimous LOVE and infinite MERCY.

Sr. Sirisha Gullipilli: To comprehend my journey of 25 years, I take the image of an EAGLE, that takes help of the STORMS to lift it HIGHER. All the storms of my life had been the moments to rise higher, in and through PRAYER.

Sr. Bindu Abraham: In my journey of 25 years, I see myself as an AMBASSADOR of Christ vibrating His love to all amidst various experiences of joys and sorrows.

Sr. Jaisamma Kurian: Everything that comprises the journey of these 25 years, makes me to say THANK YOU LORD. For the eyes that looked at me, the hands that reached me and the feet that walked towards me. All these gestures made me to reach out to you in LOVE.

Sr. Arockia Mary Soosai: In my 25 years of journey, the Lord becomes my ACUPUNCTURE, who inserts Himself into my being like a fine needle at specific moments to cure my disease and to relive my pain.

Sr. Gloria Irudayaraj: I see my journey of 25 years like that of JESUS the SOWER and the SEED who died to give life. I thank God for such moments of dying and rising I faced during this journey.

Sr. Ancy Thomas: I wish to synthesis my journey of 25 years in two words: GRATITUDE and HOPE. Gratitude for calling me and blessing me while Hope to believe in His promises.

Sr. Benedicta D’Souza: My journey of 25 years can be compared to a tiny BOAT, which sometimes battles with the storms. My ANCHOR is Jesus and the LIGHTHOUSE with inscription, “I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS,” helps me to row my boat ashore.

Sr. Namitha Louis: I recapitulate my 25 years journey with triple ‘P’ – POWERFUL PRAYER LIFE, POWERFUL PROCLAMATION and POWERFUL PERSEVERANCE.

Sr. Amutha Antony: My Journey of 25 years is filled with MAGNIFICAT of Mary. Today looking back at different events of my life, I thank JESUS for His Grace and faithfulness.

Sr. Ana D’Cunha: In my journey of 25 years, I see myself as a MISSION, wherever I was sent. God used me to spread His love amidst moments of disappointment.

Sr. Leena Fernandes: For me these 25 years of my religious life had been a journey of FAITH, a journey of BLESSINGS and a journey of GROWTH.

Sr. Selvi Jesuraja: The LAMP of my journey that was lit by the LORD 25 years ago still keeps BURNING, because the LORD keeps on POURING oil in it. This journey fans into flames Gods LOVE.

Sr. Nirmala Teresa Beck: I see the journey of 25 years of religious life full of LIGHTS and SHADOWS, while the hand of the Lord kept guiding and leading me all through.

Sr. Valsamma Sebastian: The journey of these 25 years is full of GRATITUDE and GRATEFULNESS to GOD, who helped me to sail smoothly despite stormy oceans.

Sr. Jyothi Joseph Sathinapalli: As a Missionary I see my journey of these 25 years as an experience of LEARNING and FINDING MY OWN SELF. It is full of success and failures but always a journey that moved forward and not backward.

Dear Jubilarians, the institute is proud of you and grabs this opportunity to congratulate you for the 25 years of your faithful journey and blesses you to move forward with prophetic courage to continue to announce God’s Kingdom to many more.

Communication Team, India


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