primi passi di sr. Elsie in Bangladesh

I am Sr. Elsie Isikeli from Papua New Guinea, I was destined to Bangladesh mission in the year 2015. From 2016 onwards I did some preparations and studies in Rome as well as waiting for my visa. I got my documents cleared in 2022 and on 16/7/2022 I reached Bangladesh.

primi passi di sr. Elsie in Bangladesh

Sincerely, the awaited mission of mine was like a dream. I was filled with joy and happiness as I landed my feet in Bangladesh. Already one year and seven months are passed since that moment and I know that all that had happened, is happening and will be happening in my life is all according to the plan and will of God and that all the joys, happiness, laughs, pains, sorrows, struggles, difficulties, hardships are my stepping stones. I took everything positively in prayer and challenged myself that I can do everything for the Kingdom of God and not for human fame and name.

After an experience as a teacher in our English nursery school in Dhaka, I am now in Kewachala community carrying out different ministries and responsibilities in order to serve the people here with great zeal and enthusiasm. The great passion of serving the people in the school, boarding girls, parish and village visits gives me a satisfaction of bringing joy and happiness to people’s lives, especially among the different tribal people.

Our presence in Kewachala area started in 1999 visiting the villages and then continued in 2005 with a stable community, in order to serve and help the population there, mostly tribal without the facilities for the education of other areas of Dhaka. The sisters collaborate with the parish priest and are engaged in the pastoral work, they teach in the parish school and run a boarding for girls and a nursery school.

primi passi di sr. Elsie in Bangladesh

This year 2024 has started for us with a great step forward: on the 2nd of March we inaugurated the new building of the community, a project planned since many years, but that only now came to reality. The inauguration of our new community building brought joy, hopes and many blessings to every one of us as a Province and as a community as well as a parish. There are lot more services that can be done among the people living around us. All plans, hopes and projects are upon the Almighty God who knows what is ahead of us.

I can see great improvements in the way we carry out our apostolates with missionary zeal and enthusiasm. Finally, every service that we do is always accompanied by the help of God through our life of Prayer and fraternal communion.


Sr. Elsie Isikeli, Bangladesh


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