In the heart of Monza, immersed in the greenery of a peripheral area, stands a small oasis of education and joy: the “Maria Immacolata” nursery school. Its history, intertwined with the dedication and love of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, came to be in 1937, when the congregation, founded only a year earlier, received Villa Boschetto as a gift.

It was a large and welcoming farmhouse, surrounded by lush fields, which soon became a point of reference for the peasant families of the neighborhood. The sisters, with their missionary spirit and their tireless concern, immersed themselves in the local reality, gaining the trust and affection of the people.

Scuola dell’infanzia

In 1953, from this seed of dedication the “Maria Immacolata” nursery school was born. On March 16 of that year, the parish priest of the Holy Family parish, Don Angelo Cazzaniga, blessed the premises and the children, starting an educational adventure that still lasts today.

As the years passed by, the school grew and developed. At the end of the year 1970, a renovation allowed the spaces to be expanded, creating an even brighter and more welcoming environment. Today, the school is spread over two floors, offering children an ideal place to grow and learn

The warm and inclusive welcome is the distinctive feature of the “Maria Immacolata” school. Here, every child and the family, feel at home. Within the walls of this special place, you can breathe an air of fraternity, friendship and joy, while Christian values ​​are transmitted with delicacy and respect.           

The school is not only a place of education, but also a center of human and spiritual growth. Children are encouraged to know and live the values ​​of the Catholic faith, not as a dogma, but as a beacon, that lights their path. At the same time, the school promotes openness to the world, stimulating in children curiosity towards creation and the desire to become responsible citizens of the future.      

This year, the “Maria Immacolata” school reaches an important milestone: 70 years of history, commitment and love for children. To celebrate this anniversary, a big event was organized on Saturday 8 June, at the school itself. An opportunity to bring together sisters, former students, teachers and friends, all united by affection for this special reality and by the common desire to ensure that the educational work may continue to prosper in the years to come.    

The history of the “Maria Immacolata” school is a tale of passion, dedication and shared values. A story that is intertwined with the lives of many people, generation after generation, and which will continue to write new chapters in the future. A future full of dreams, hopes and smiles, just like the smiles of the children who cross its threshold every day.         

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