As a part of our formation, we the juniors of Bangladesh Province (sr. Lorenza Radini, sr. Cecilia Hembrom. sr. Happy Rozario, sr. Merina Hasda) had a program about the Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis ‘Laudato Si’.

The seminar was lead by sr. Christina Murmu in a very creative way, the room decorated with natural things to represent the real situation of the environment.

In two days we have been guided throughout the text of the Encyclical to understand its purpose and meaning. Laudato si, with its attention to the care for nature and environment, can be a bridge between man and God, because it can help everyone to discover again the divine presence of God in every creature: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” (Gn 1,31).  Laudato Si can also be a bridge to bring people of different origin, religion, and belief to work together for the good of all. The earth in which we live is the only one we have and each of us should be interested in its future.

During this course, we clearly feel this could help us to go deeper in understanding the situation of the whole world, what is happening now and what will happen in the future. Furthermore, this program was very helpful for our mission because our main task is to serve the people, especially the poor, the needy, to go to the peripheries to care for the marginalized. But we learnt and see that if the environment suffers, they too suffer the most. These words can be an inspiration and a program for every missionary: thinking globally, planning locally, acting personally. I may not solve all the problems but I can and have to do my part in order to change a little the world in which I live so that it can represent better that first dream of God ‘It was very good’.

Looking at the situation of Bangladesh we can say that we live in a natural agricultural country, full of fields, rivers, ponds and with an incredible variety of animals, birds and fishes. A big treasure in our hands: Amar Sonar Bangla (My Golden Bangladesh, আমার সোনার বাংলা), as it has been said in our National Hymn. Unfortunately this richness is getting more and more damaged because of the recent economic development with its threads and dangers, but also because of the little care of many who are wasting resources and causing the increase of pollution. That is why we decided to be more active in discussing these problems in the places we live: community, school, parish, … Our thanksgiving is for sr. Bondona Cruze, sr. Christina Murmu and sr. Silvia Leoni who organized for us this course. From now on ‘Raise ecological awareness’ will be our motto!

sr. Happy Rozario and Junior Sisters, Bangladesh Province


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