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On May 31, 2023, the feast of the Visitation of Mary, we inaugurated a new presence in Kam Tin, M. Igilda’s vision of the sower is always current.

The midnight of 31st December 1916 is unique in the history of our missionary family.  At the strike of 12, announcing the dawn of 1917, young Giuseppina Rodolfi had the vision of the Majestic Sower, sowing seeds consistently with an untiring spirit. The seeds fell far… so far… (to the ends of the earth). Later she thought of China and was involved rigorously through PIME missionaries. It’s true that some seeds remain in the womb of the earth for a longer time; God allows them to sprout forth in His time.

Glad indeed to share our great joy to identify that sprouting seed in the delegation of Hong Kong – China!

Kam Tin - Hong Kong. Inaugurazione

On 31st May2023, on the feast of Visitation, Our new presence in Kam Tin was inaugurated and we believe that it’s the actualization of the vision of Mother Igilda. Our presence amidst the refugees, migrants and the poor are in response to live our Charism to the criteria of sustainability.

Srs. Goretti Yeung, Sandra Covini and Sophia Rani are part of this presence, to continue the mission of Jesus the Apostle of the Father Sower and Seed. During the inaugural Holy Mass, Rev. Fr. Paul Kam Po Wai, the VG of the Diocese, emphasized on three points:

  • Like Mary, each one of us should carry Jesus within us.
  • This house to be a place of encountering Jesus for the people who enter in.
  • Go out and bring Jesus to others.

Kam Tin new opening

Some PIME fathers, Our Lay associate and some friends joined us to mark this auspicious moment and to share our joy. Indeed, it’s a sign of God’s benevolence to us shared to us through the Diocese of Hong Kong. We are grateful to the Bishop of HK and our sisters who encourage and continue their valuable support for our new presence. Being in Kam Tin, we hope to have better opportunities to meet the youth, welcome people to live our missionary passion concretely. We count on the continuous prayerful support of our entire missionary family and friends.


Sr. Sophia Rani, Hong Kong


Kam Tin community and sisters


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