Jesus famous words, “Let the little children come to me”, is often used to underline the importance of child evangelization and profoundly reveals God’s affection for children.

Habitually, during summer our parishioners travel across the world, but due to Pandemic, the situation was not so favorable and so we at St. Benedict Church, Shatin, organized a three days SUMMER DAY CAMP for the children between the age of 6 to 10. The teenagers were motivated and guided to assist during the camp. There was a massive positive response from the part of the parents, as they appreciated the idea to keep their children engaged in Church activity rather than staying at home and playing video games. 

On the maiden day one of our parishioner Mr. Joe Wong, an artist volunteered to teach painting to the children. Aptly he chose to teach them to paint St. Joseph, as the Year is dedicated to Him. It was time to inculcate in them the values of St. Joseph. Mr. Simon Chan volunteered to arrange a virtual pilgrimage to two of the churches in Hong Kong.  Children jubilantly and devotedly followed Simon in the virtual pilgrimage learning about the churches and the saints that are named after these churches.

On the second day Miss. Anita Chan, one of our art teachers from Pope Paul VI College, volunteered to teach art work to the participants.  The major lesson she drew home was the importance of community building and to experience the joy in little things that we do creatively.  Rev. Fr. Jojo Peter Ancheril, Claretian Missionary Fathers (CMF), offered to perform ‘Jesus magic’ to the children. He taught them to call on the name of JESUS, whenever and wherever the need arises. The moment they experience that Jesus through Magic comes and answers them, they were to repeat three magical words, “JESUS I LOVE YOU.”

On the third and the final day, Sr. Lorena Brambilla, MSI from Italy, was invited to share her vocation, her culture, to teach few Italian words and to prepare delicious Pizza together with the children. It was a bliss filled moment, to see the tiny tots getting engaged in cooking, in learning, in eating and in enjoying the time together.

True indeed! Mt, 19: 14, “Let the little children come to me,” was lived concretely by us. The moments of prayer, sharing, working, educating, etc. doubled in us the joy of coming together and journeying together towards Jesus. We thank our resource persons, volunteers, parents and much more the children, for having participated in this camp and made it a reality despite critical situation of pandemic around.

Sr. Anitha Eddula, Shatin, Hong Kong


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