The mission in the Church can be lived in many ways and one of the ways is to collaborate in the formation of the clergy present in the local Church. Sr. Daniela Migotto was invited to deepen the topic on sexuality of the young priests of the diocese of Garoua during their formation period. The general objective of the meeting was “Understanding of human and vocational identity in relation to sexuality and integration of the values of chastity”. 

The priests of less than five years of ordination (diocesans and religious) from the diocese of Garoua gathered from 2nd to 5th July 2019, in the major Seminary of St. Augustine of Maroua for the yearly get-together of young priests. This formation meeting is a great opportunity for the bishops, their young collaborators and among the various promotors of five years ago. Is it possible to speak about sexuality to priests, knowing that the subject remains taboo anyway? This is the difficult work carried out for four days by Sr. Daniela Migotto, Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, M. Stéphanie Ngadji, advocate of the Order of Lawyers of Cameroon and Fr. Thomas Mbang, a specialist in canon law for the protection of minors.

The sexuality is not always what we think, says Sr. Daniela. It is far from being a question of genitality. It is a whole vision that encompasses the four great dimensions of human life: they are Physiological, Psychosocial, Rational and Spiritual dimensions. The integration of these four levels are a long process that begins in the womb and then leads to the human maturity. The Human maturity that allows the persons to avoid the imbalances related to affectivity, crimes against the sixth commandment and sexual abuse of all kinds. Love is not “libido”, not even “Eros”, but “agape”.

Therefore, Sr. Daniela during her lecture repeated several times that sexuality is not genitality, but the capacity to love freely and in truth, without possessing and without dominating. Hence, at that moment the maturity of love becomes the freedom of self-giving. Subsequently, the jurists (M. Stéphanie and Fr. Thomas) presented to the young priests the nature and type of abuse and penalties and/or sanctions provided according to the Code of Criminal Procedure in force in Cameroon and according to the Code of Canon Law.

At the end, sr. Daniela and the other experts expressed the hope that the young priests will be “signs of God’s tenderness” in the society. Their experiences and competences allowed them to speak about sexuality in an atmosphere of conviviality and serenity.

Taken from an article written by a local priest

Fr. Philippe Tchimtchoua, Codicomg


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