Being a partially blind child, I was not interested in any activity including the study. It was only at the age of 15 I felt that I must study and have visions for my life. My age became a barrier for me to get enrolled in the schools. By God’s grace, I came in touch with Nirmala Bhavan- a Home for visually impaired girls. Sr. Lucy D’Souza and Sr. Ancy Thomas, did not mind my age, wholeheartedly, they welcomed me and thereafter my life sees no boundaries, visions are limitless, I see myself soaring high,” said Rajeshwari Sardar.

“True indeed,”  said Sr. Ancy Thomas, “Rajeshwari was already grown up, what was commendable in her, is her staunch determination at 15, to create history in the world to come. Staying with us, she completed her studies until graduation, completed her junior and senior music course, had been part of many orchestras of the blind that were conducted all through India. Presently, she forms the part of the National Cricket Team of Blind girls.”

 “It is a moment of pride for us, to see our girls, though physically challenged, yet mentally strong and academically excelling well. They hold loads of visions for life and toil hard to achieve them. They inject among themselves the dose of encouragement and keep on inspiring each other to achieve higher things in life,” expressed Sr. Fathima Injamala.

 “I can vividly recall, how painful were those early days at Nirmala Bhavan…, the premises were sensed/experienced by me as a forest area, away from city/town life. I can still recall, I asked my father to take me home from Nirmala Bhavan. But it was all the encouragement and consolations from the sisters that channelized my life towards success. Today along with Rajeshwari I too form the part of National Cricket Team of Blind girls,” articulated Vijaya Lakshimi.

 “Government gives us lot of incentives. I applied for a laptop and in no time, I got it. Thanks to Sneha Jyothi Centre, run by Claretian missionaries, who give us the possibilities to learn Computer skills. It makes me proud to realize that I too know to handle the computer – a digital machinery of the contemporary world,” uttered Sulochana, the second year degree student.

 “Neither braille, nor studies attracted me in Nirmala Bhavan. On and off I was knocked by the sisters to complete my studies, but at the end they gave up, for they realized my interest in music and encouraged me to move forward. At this time of pandemic, during lockdown, I am teaching music to the other inmates at Nirmala Bhavan. It is the greatest satisfaction of my life,” voiced Mahadevi, the inmate.

Priti said, “We have ample opportunities here. Be it in the field of education to complete our X, XII or Degree courses or in developing our talents by learning music and computer skills, and by participating in co- curricular activities, or in refining our characters through discipline.”

In conclusion, all that we can say is Thanks to you all, who are creating a beautiful world of happiness for us – the less fortunate ones. Physically we are visionless, but emotionally with your help, we have built our visions for the world of tomorrow. We cannot fail, but raise unanimously our being in Thanking God, for the gift of Zia Fausta and all the collaborators, who help us to achieve our high pinned visions.

Inmates of Nirmala Bhavan, Athani – India



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