Parintins is one of the smallest town and not so far from the main city, Manaus. We are working here in one of the parish, called Saint Sebastian (São Sebastião) Parish. It is one of the largest parishes in the town of Parintins itself that have the highest number of Catholic Family.

We are working in one of the community called Holy Family (Sagrada Família). In this community, most of the people still do not receive good benefits from the government and many are living without  proper jobs.  Many of the families suffer from lack of money to meet the necessities like medicine, food and clothes. And also, only a few of them are trying to do something to earn their living while others are involved in activities like drug trafficking and prostitution.

Many times I do my visits to the family, I always came across this problems and so sorry to see many young ladies and mothers  who have no jobs and just staying at home doing nothing. This experience had really challenged me to think and do something to help these young women and mothers. I shared this sad stories many times in my community and I was reflecting about what can I do to help them as a missionary working in this community.

One day it came to my mind the work of the handcraft, which is called Appliquèe. I started to search for someone who can help me to help those poor simple women. I told my sisters in the community that I would like to start handcraft work with the mothers and young ladies there in the community and my sisters in the community agreed with the idea. It was a one of my dreams to help the mothers and young women who are without jobs, to help them with some courses like handcraft work to help them to be self- supportive.

And so last year 2016, I started this wonderful handcraft work in the community with the help of a young simple lady who was willing to help me with the course. The group consisted of 12 mothers and 5 young girls  and it  went on for 4 months. All of them learnt well and some of them have continued doing the work at their own homes to earn some money for their living. I was totally touched by one of them who told me that she could buy the medicine for her by selling her products especially tea-towels and towels.

And so this year, we are continuing with the same course and it´s going last for 8months. Now at the moment, we have almost 23 women and 2 young girls, it seems they all love the course. The purpose of 8months course is that I want to form a group of women from the community itself so that they can continue this wonderful work to help also other women and young girls of the community.

From this course, I have seen that they are good women who can be the leaders of the women group and I´m very happy. I believe that through our presence and the little acts of charity and sacrifices that we make for the love of our people, God will bless us more. Please, I kindly ask you all for your support through prayers for this group of women and young girls, thanks.

Sr. Stella Huti


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