Obviously, the question may seem strange, but not for us MSl Lay Associates of Italy isn’t it… now I will explain you why it is so!

On 9th and 10th June we, the MSI Lay Associates of North and South Italy met together in Rome for the annual meeting. But this year some people from Rome were also present who, if God wants, they will “start” a group in Rome-Italy.

The symbol that helped us during these two days was a chain which represented our communities: people who are really connected to each other but ready to receive other “rings” so that the chain changes its form but not its substance. The other symbols were the “seeds” which reminded us the vision of the sower of Mother Igilda and moreover, represented the gift our Charism and the dreams that each of us have for our communities.    

It was a joyful moment to meet together and share the journey we have made during this year. It has been more significant this time because we recalled the 20th year of starting of our presence as MSI Lay Associates in Italy. We began this moment with a prayer where we remembered the past thanking God for all the blessings we received. We celebrated the present recalling the gifts of the Charism and finally we entrusted our future to God, sowing (in the true sense of the word) our dreams with the commitment to safeguard and to make them grow so that it may bear fruit.

There were other moments of formation and sharing in an atmosphere of fraternity. And, thanks to “our” sisters who have been always ready to welcome and support us.

At the end of these two days, returning to our houses we felt that we missed each other and we decided to meet again often with the wish that the “chain” will grow and become very long and the plant of our dreams may bear many fruits!

So let us return to the title question:’ Can a seed born from a chain ?’ Yes, I believe that a chain of persons with God’s grace can germinate a seed because nothing is impossible for God!

Roberta Corbetta, MSI Lay Associate, Milan


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