The Word of God is a precious gift and it is my spiritual nourishment. This Word has inspired me, and motivated me to render my service in my parish Church, St. Andrew’s Parish, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong.

PIME priests are serving my parish, but no PIME sisters. Until the year 2000 I didn’t know the PIME sisters. Only in the year 2000 when St. Andrew’s parish has sent me to attend the Hong Kong Diocesan Synod, for the first time I met a PIME sister, Sr. Maria Goretti Yeung. While attending the Synod, we were to read a lot of documents of the church and I felt quite unfamiliar and ignorant. This feeling made me to learn more about the church and so I have enrolled for a course of “Institute of Religious Sciences”. It is indeed the Lord’s merciful illumination to give me the revelation which enlightens me to equip myself with religious and church knowledge.

During the “Year of St. Paul” in 2008-2009 which was also the time that I had completed my Religious course, I met Sr. Maria Goretti Yeung again at St. Andrew’s Church.  Sister shared about her Missionary vocation. After listening to her and as I was also praying for the will of God to be revealed, I firmly felt I want to be a missionary. I shared about my desire to Sr.Goretti that I want to be a missionary and she invited me to join the PIME sisters “MSI Lay Associates”. This group was only started a few years ago at that time.  From then on I love to give my humble service to the missionaries especially to the PIME sisters and PIME priests. I too have used different opportunities to visit and serve a few missions like North China, Cambodia and Kenya.  I feel so fulfilled with these exposures and feel grateful to the Lord Almighty.

By the time I was distinguishing the calling of God, I have not forgotten the experience of my parents, who had received the Holy Communion at the moment of their death. I yearned and thirst for a closer connection with the Eucharistic Lord. Therefore, I volunteered to join the Eucharistic Minister Group in the Church. The priest at my parish not only accepted me but also invited my husband to join. Being the member of the Eucharistic minister, I feel the presence of God more close to me while delivering the Eucharist inside and outside of the Church to the people. This helped me not only to give witness to others and inspire them with hope, faith and love, but also to reveal how I live the Gospel in my life.

Rose Chan – Lay Associate, Hong Kong


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