The Training Center (CENFIRC) of Sr. Rita Cavenaghi (CENFIRC) has the target to contribute to the protection and integral development of children and teenagers from 8 to 15 years. In dialogue with their families, the CENFIRC aims to emphasize learning and leisure, starting from the space of daily cohabitation, to propose recreational, cultural and sporting activities by enhancing leadership and autonomy of the beneficiaries.

Purpose of the project

The majority of children and teenagers who attend our Center – CENFIRC, live in a unit of public quarters (known as ‘favela’ (slums), built in a precarious conditions and they lack the infrastructures such as: sanitary, water, electricity, waste collections, quality schools and social centers. They have limited space for the activities, sports and games. The houses are built of wood or bricks, and many houses are with more than one floor, without space from each other, forming a densely populated area that highlights the inequality, marginalization and social exclusion of the people who reside there.

The renovation project of the multi-sports ground aims to continue to offer a favorable space for the development of the children and teenagers, giving an integral formation for the people, entertainment and sports and awareness in view of an integral transformation of the community.


The works that will be realized:

Description Cost in Real (R$) Cost in Euro (€)
  •  Restructuring the floor of the multi-sports ground + to paint the demarcation lines of the various sports activities in the total space of 207.06 m2.
 8.880,00  2.400,00 €
  •  Installation of structural components of football, basketball, volleyball and purchasing of the balls suitable for these sports.
 4.625,00  1.250,00 €
  •  Electrical part: maintenance and renovation of the focus lights that gives the possibility to use the ground at any time.
 4.995,00  1.350,00 €

The total sum required for the project is: R$ 18.500,00 (5000,00 euros)

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