Today children for tomorrow Algeria

Three communities, three different ways of working with children, three different needs.

The little handicapped children of Hassi Messaoud

Recently from 2012, the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate are present in Hassi Messaoud a city of petrol in the south of Algeria. In fact, we are the first ones to reach this place because before us there never existed sisters communities in Hassi Messaoud.

We started to visit the families and we realized that they were silently suffering along with their handicapped children. We started to help them by going to their houses.

Then the parents began to trust us and started to bring their children leaving them in our house for half a day, so that these children may stay together and not left alone; that they may learn many things instead of remaining without being encouraged; that they may grow in all the aspects: joyful as well as affectionate as they themselves know to be! It helps the families to come together with their own difficulties.

We prepared a hall with a container for the children donated by the petroleum company where we placed toys and colours for the children.

We would like to search other educational games and manual work materials according to their capacity and to buy a slide to place in the garden. We thought of widening the structure and divide the children’s room into two rooms for physical exercises and parents meeting place.

The children of Saturday afternoon in Algiers

They are the neighbourhood children who come to play in the hall, which is named as ‘friendship without boundaries’. It is a place of meeting and activities offered to these children from 8 to 13 years age. Such activities are: a small library, gardening, bakery, collection and recycling of plastic bottles, theatre of puppet show, table tennis, singing in different languages. We organized some outings in the mountain to know the trees of the forest and to plant the trees with the help of the forest guardian.

The animators are young student volunteers. Those who live far away we would like to pay at least for their transportation, to organize for them some training classes that will help them in their service and to purchase other books for the library and to organize other outings. Since the children are open, receptive and sensitive to the experiences of living together and who are able to learn and welcome the diversity we thought of preparing a hall for animation.

The children whom we do not know but help them to grow at Mascara

To prepare infant school educators is one of the activities at Mascara. It is proposed for women and young people who work with children but they lack the educational means that help them both in the pedagogical field and in the practical field of knowledge of manual work, educational games and narrative techniques. We got permission to give our courses at the Local Culture House. The Caritas support us financially for this specific purpose.There are also many other initiatives of which educators as well as the children who are the real beneficiaries of our project. We need the teaching materials and we desire to give a skillful training also to those who lack possibilities.

The total required amount to cover the project is € 3.000,00 (three thousand euros)

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