December 4, 2021 a red-letter day in my life because moved by the deepest sentiments of my heart to proclaim the Kingdom of God to all peoples, I pronounced my definitive ‘Yes’ to God and made my perpetual profession in my hometown parish ‘Holy Trinity’ Boregaina in the diocese of Port Moresby.

The Holy Eucharist commenced with the sweet sound of the singing and spectacular entrance dance which made the atmosphere blessed. Most Rev. Cardinal John Ribat solemnized the ceremony along with 10 priests in the presence of many parishioners and my friends and family members who came to witness a remarkable event in my life, which moved them inwardly.

During the homily Cardinal highlighted on the theme, “Take me Jesus among your chosen ones” and invited the young people to follow the path of discipleship trodden by Jesus himself. The rite of Perpetual profession with its symbolic gestures, stamped deep stillness in the congregation. The stirring moment was when my siblings came forward to strip my cultural attire-a symbolic expression of attachment to Jesus and detachment from the world.

A religious event such as this had never held in my home town before. It was both a blessing to me and a faith experience to everyone who witnessed it. It also strengthened relationship between my blood and religious families. The presence of the missionaries, their sharing created ripples among youth and children.

Sr. Agnes Gesina

             Papua New Guinea


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