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On February 25, in the multipurpose hall of the radio Sol Mansi in Mansoa sr. Vinnarasi Jacob organized a formative moment for families. Sr. Vinnarasi is a member of the commission for the promotion of women of the vicariate of Oio, one of the 5 pastoral sectors of the Diocese of Bissau.

A young graduate of the Nossa Signora d’Ajuda parish in Bissau, Clesio Batista, trained in economics at the Catholic University of Lisbon, deepened the theme of “Home Economics”. About forty people, who came from Bissorã, Farim, Nhoma, Mansabá and Mansoa attended.

The families accompanied the contents with great attention, aware that they still have to learn a lot to be able to plan and prepare a family budget. Thanks to the meeting, they perceived how important financial control is for the well-being of the family and, above all, to avoid getting into debt. They saw how better planning can help avoid many problems and promote peace of mind in family life. During the meeting, the importance of dialogue and transparency in the life of the couple was also discussed.

A novelty desired by the Women’s Promotion team was the opening of the course to men as well, to help focus on the well-being of the family and understand how significant it is for couples to grow together, in dialogue, respect, mutual trust. Often there are tensions in the families, economic difficulties and, unfortunately, a lot of domestic violence. Political instability certainly does not help and does not favor a climate of family harmony, creating instead a lot of insecurity. More dialogue and clarity in family management helps the relationship between the spouses and coexistence.

It is a pain that, in many respects, the world of women and men seem distant, as if there were a barrier of incommunicability to overcome. For man, it is a source of pride to bring home what is necessary to support the family, but he hardly shares the risks he runs, the difficulties and challenges he faces to obtain his daily bread. Often the husband does not tell his wife about his work, especially the salary she receives. This is both for lack of trust and for fear that, women do not know how to administer and spend without measure. Unfortunately, many women still do not get the right education: not all of them have basic education. There is still a lot of illiteracy, especially in rural areas.

corso economia domestica

I really liked when, in a very simple way, the professor underlined an essential requirement for the well-being of the family: “There can be no secrets in the couple, there must be openness and deep trust between the two”.

At the end of the formative meeting, we thanked the speaker for sharing his experience and professional expertise with his people in Guinea-Bissau. The women have asked to have continuity for this type of formation. Strengthening the family, helping it to grow in all its dimensions and orienting it so that it can live in harmony and peace is undoubtedly preparing and shaping the future of a people whose basis is the domestic community and its well-being.

Sr. Ornella, Guinea-Bissau Delegation

Curso economia domestica


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