speranza nella sofferenza

Sr. Rina Montegner, Italian, originally from Sileia (Treviso), has been a missionary in Cameroon for 42 years. She worked for many years in the Yaoundé dispensary, accompanied the teenagers of the Catholic action. She now resides in the provincial house in Yaoundé and visits the elderly and the sick, collaborates with the liturgy team of the parish. Through this brief testimony, she shares with us one of the most touching experiences of this ministry of visiting families.

I have been bringing the Eucharist to the sick for several years and each person is different from the others, each has their own story; I tell here a story of profound life, of suffering lived with patience, hope, full of pain and waiting for God’s definitive consolation.

I’m talking about mrs. Ester, a woman who suffered a lot in her life, she was forced to bed for many years, she was the only Catholic in her family, all the others, even her daughter and sons were Protestants. Every Sunday, when I arrived and brought her the Eucharist, Mrs. Esther would burst with joy, singing praises to the Lord, taking my hands to show how happy she was to receive Jesus, saying, “Jesus is my strength, my peace.”

The last time she said… in heaven, in heaven, I am in heaven!     

I can say with absolute certainty that “the little ones, the poor, are friends of Jesus”. Mrs. Esther went forever to join Jesus, to live forever in endless joy. She is certainly a flower in God’s garden.

Her daughter Suzanne, her husband, children and grandchildren witnessed Mrs. Esther’s life of faith.

I bless God for giving me this opportunity; I praise the Lord for giving her his eternal love. Thank you Mrs. Esther, pray from heaven for us and for the Church!

Sr. Rina Montagner, Cameroon


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