sr Marisa, sr. Francesca, sr Martha, sr. Maggie e della casa generalizia situata a Torre Gaia, Roma

“Let’s go elsewhere, so that I can also preach the Gospel in the bearby villages, that’s why I came.” Mark 1:38

These words from the Gospel of Mark are the same ones that accompanied the beginnning of a missionary presence in Rome and which remind us of the importance of always being ready to go. The always elsewhere, which characterizes our style of mission, if at first it surprised us, today leads us to talk about the joy of living a new experience to realize in our own small way the desire to reach the most distant frontiers.

We introduce ourselves: we are sr Marisa, sr Francesca, sr Martha, sr Maggie and we are part of the community of the Generalate house located in Torre Gaia, Rome. From there, which still remains our community, we moved to suburban area, still in Rome, in the Torpignattara quarters, parish of S. Barnaba, to start a new presence, what some people affectionately call “the satellite”.

We live in an apartment in an area with many families who come from different countries: while walking you can easily meet Bangladeshis, South Americans, Chinese…..

This aspect of multiculturalism is also a particularity, which still allows us to fully live our charism enriched by interculturality: we are together one Brazilian, one Italian and two Papuans.

We arrived here a few days ago: each of us has our own small commitment between study, work and the various services, in the meantime we discover a new area and a new reality, in a nearby village where today the Lord simply sends us to stay, to stay and share life among many brothers and sisters to be sign of hope and announce the good news of the Gospel with the simple testimony of life.


sr. Francesca, sr. Martha, sr. Marisa, sr. Maggie, Directorate General


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