We went along with Sr. Giulia and Sr. Maura to participate in a cultural activity in the public library of Cederna in Monza.

When we reached at the Library, there were already some women, some of them young and others not so young and altogether we were ten of us. Each of us collected different kinds of leaves. After having painted the leaves in various colours, we have to arrange them. The work was interesting. It involved us with all our artistic skills.

Our presence was a most beautiful thing that stimulated interest in them. When they came to know that we were missionary sisters, they started to ask questions about our experiences and missionary life.

Sr. Giulia and Sr. Maura shared their experience in Bangladesh, while I spoke about India. The following day was the World Mission Sunday, so we took the opportunity to say something about it. All these have aroused great interest in our companions.

Since I was in Italy, it was for the first time, that I had this kind of experience with a group of women. I liked working with them. Besides, I was very much touched by their interest, not only for what they were doing, but also for their desire to know and listen to our missionary experiences by asking appropriate questions on the topic.

Our missionary life aroused in them the eagerness to know each other more and therefore, they expressed the desire to visit us.

As we used to say “from what is born what”. From a simple encounter of painting the leaves or making decorations, a friendship was born that aroused in them the enthusiasm to know more about our missionary life in the various parts of the world.

Sr. Pavani Mathangi



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