The rapid development of technology and more specifically from the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), everything has transformed drastically. Although these technological advancements promise efficiency and development, yet they also raise a profound question about their impact on humanity. Underlining the present reality of the world we live in, BMF (Bonded Missionary Family) organized a webinar entitled ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

At the very outset, Fr. Fabio Pasqualetti, SDB, the resource person presented the message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 57th World day of Peace, entitled ‘AI and Peace’ and the message for the 58th World day of Social Communications entitled, ‘AI and the Wisdom of the heart: towards a fully human communication.’ These messages posed a serious question:

How can we remain fully human and guide this cultural transformation to serve a good purpose?

The world is rapidly evolving, needless to say that AI is transforming various aspects of our lives, including the realms of faith and spirituality. Our age is marked by the paradox, “rich in technology and poor in humanity.” At the heart of this dichotomy, the invitation from the webinar was,

“to enter into the process of becoming, each in her or his own way, with openness but also with sensitivity to everything that is destructive and inhumane therein.”

grow in humanity

Fr. Fabio, then, focused on AI’s applications and implications in our world of today. His information addressed the profound impact of AI on communication and on society, emphasising the need to use AI development in our daily life with human wisdom and compassion. AI-powered tools and platforms designed for various purposes, such as Copilot, Curipod,, Chat GPT were also introduced.

He also highlighted the dual nature of AI, acknowledging the threats and the opportunities it poses if it is not monitored adequately. As was expected, his expertise and insights with clarity, in essence, called for a balanced approach to AI. He concluded saying,

“It is up to us to decide whether we will become fodder for algorithms or will nourish our hearts with that freedom without which we cannot grow in wisdom.”

The webinar stressed the need to “GROW TOGETHER in HUMANITY and as HUMANITY.” Despite the challenges put forth by AI, may we take a qualitative leap to become a multi-ethnic, pluralistic, multi-religious and multicultural human society of compassion and love. Believing that, when we balance bytes and benevolence, a brighter tomorrow shines forth.

Sisters participants from Hyderabad


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